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“The Seasons of Nicholas” began as a personal dream of Nicholas when he decided that life in the crowded urban “landscape” did not suit him. With his grandmother being from Kefalonia and spending uninterrupted summers – and therefore seasonal stays – on the island since 1970, tourism was the solution he had been seeking for years to leave Athens. Thus, the efforts began, which were completed with great passion by Maria, Stelios, Margarita, and Akis.

Nicholas eventually left, but his dream and “The Seasons of Nickolas” became a reality.

In 2007, we started our involvement in tourism, with the primary goal of providing high-level services and creating a pleasant and comfortable environment to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. For most of us, holidays are the expectation of an entire year and a dream that must come true.

Therefore, we invite you to join us, hoping that your dream will meet our goal.